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Spa Cover Accessories

Tie-down Buckles

Sometimes they break. This replacement set of spa cover tie-down buckles come complete with two locking buckles, one key and six stainless steel screws. Comes complete with detailed instructions making replacement a breeze


Floating Thermal Blankets

Designed to float on the water's surface, the floating spa blanket is lightweight and durable. It protects and extends the life of your spa insulating cover while significantly reducing heat loss and chemical evaporation/consumption. Light gray in color and made of " thick closed-cell polyethylene foam, these blankets are easily cut to size, and much more resistant to "bunching up" than cheap bubble blankets and thinner imitations. Available in 6', 7' and 8' squares, they consist of two pieces of foam, molecularly "welded" together.

Floating Blanket Leash

If a cover lifter and a floating blanket are used, this is something you wont know how you ever did without. The Floating Blanket Leash attaches your floating blanket to your spa cover so that when you open your cover, and remove it with the cover lifter, the floating blanket is automatically removed at the same time. No longer will you need to manually remove your floating blanket, and figure out where to put it when you use your spa. Your floating blanket will also remain clean since it will be gently hanging over your insulating cover on top of the cover lifter.

Spa Cover Tie-down Extender

If the tie-down straps of a spa cover are too short, or the mounting location on the spa for the buckle is inaccessible or damaged, this could solve your problem. 14" long, 1-1/2" wide nylon straps with the female end of the buckle permanently attached. Simply screw the end of the strap up to 14" away from the original location with the include stainless steel hardware for easy installation.


Extreme Spa Covers
by Roberts