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Insulating spa covers
Arctic spa covers
Durable, energy efficient and designed for extreme conditions!

80% of a spa's heat rises, and is lost through the cover............ NOT ANYMORE! Designed for strength and durability, Roberts Extreme Spa Covers have been engineered above all others to reduce heat loss to the absolute minimum!

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  • The thickest, 6" R-21 insulating foam!
  • The strongest, 30 oz. exterior vinyl!
  • The thickest, 6 mil poly wrap!
  • The strongest, nylon tie downs and handles!
  • The most comprehensive, four year warranty!

Over 25 years of manufacturing with the same important philosophies. Never cut corners to cut costs! Whenever possible exceed industry standards! Manufacture only to the highest standards and quality! Offer the finest dealer support possible! And NEVER EVER use "nominal" materials.