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Spa Cover Use and Care Instructions

Here are a few tips that are good to know about hot tub spa insulating covers.

  • Keep the cover clean.
    The exterior vinyl needs to stay clean and conditioned. Use a mild soap (NOT a detergent) and water solution to clean the vinyl portion of the cover at least twice per month. NEVER USE ANY PETROLEUM BASED PRODUCTS TO CLEAN OR MAINTAIN YOUR SPA COVER
  • Use a moisturizing and conditioning product
    Such as 303 Protectant, at least once every two months. Don't use any products with silicone in them. These types of products can destroy the vinyl's topcoat, allowing the plasticizer gases to escape. Once this happens, the vinyl will be susceptible to cracking.
  • Wipe chemical residue from the underside of the cover every chance you get. These residues, if left on the cover, start to break down the material causing it to become porous. Water vapor begins to penetrate the EPS core when its protective layers become too porous.
  • Maintain proper spa water chemistry.
    We cannot stress this enough. As your spa water chemistry is more balanced, the vapors coming off the tub are less corrosive. Making the vapors less corrosive leads to the protective layers of the cover to degrade more slowly, thus prolonging the life of your cover.
  • Unzip the cover and clean just inside the zipper at least twice per year. Mildew has a tendency to build up here and if you have not kept your sanitizer levels up you may develop this as a problem.
  • Remove the EPS cores and flip them over at least once per year. Here is reasoning behind this. The cover is a protective layering system designed to slow the EPS core absorption of water vapor.  The corrosive vapors formed in your spa break down these layers over time. By flipping the cores over, you start to work on the other side of the protective wrap on the core, thereby extending the the total life span.
  • Remove the cover for 20-30 minutes after shocking your spa water. As the shock is burning out the Chloromines and Bromimines in your spa, highly corrosive vapors are released. Following this tip will protect your covers materials from premature degradation.
  • Never use the handles on your spa cover.
    The only thing that handles are good for is a sales gimmick. Sometime in the life of your spa cover, it is going to weigh a lot more than the twenty or thirty pounds that it was when it was new. A handle, which has a limited stitching area, cannot be expected to move around some of the conceivable weights of old spa covers and not rip out. We recommend that you use the skirt.  Our insulating spa covers are equipped with a non-segmented skirt (flap) on each half of the cover. This long stitch run provides a more suitable design to dissipate the force of opening and/or moving the cover.
  • Never stand, sit, and/or walk on your cover.
    Covers are designed to insulate from heat loss and to keep debris and dirt out of the tub. You cannot walk on a standard insulating spa cover.