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Spa Cover Features

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  • A full 6" to 4" thick tapered foam!
    Roberts Extreme Spa Covers are some of the thickest, most   insulating spa covers made. A full 6" thick foam core provides not only additional insulation value, but added strength as well.
  • High insulating R-value value!
    With the standard 1 pound density foam cores, Roberts Extreme Spa Covers have a minimum R value of R-21. The optional 1-1/2 pound density foam achieves an even higher R-value!
  • Reinforcing metal C-channel!
    The foam cores are further strengthened with a full 20 gauge, 2½" wide C-channel running the entire length of the cover.
  • 6 mil vapor barrier!
    The vapor barrier surrounding the foam is the most important aspect in protecting the cores from absorbing water. Not only is the vapor barrier of Roberts Extreme Spa Cover's the thickest, but the option of adding a second layer make it the most protective!
  • Continuous hinge seal!
    Rather than just "fingers" or "steam sealers" that seal the very ends on the hinge,  Roberts Extreme Spa Covers have an insulating flap running the entire length of the hinge!
  • The heaviest and most durable vinyl!
    With a weight of 30oz. (per lineal yard), the vinyl of Roberts Extreme Spa Covers is the heaviest available. It also exceeds the specifications of "Marine Grade Vinyl", and  "Premium Grade Vinyl".
  • Continuous one-piece reinforced hinge!
    Roberts Extreme Spa Covers solid one piece, multiple layered hinge is optionally reinforced with nylon webbing making it the strongest part of the cover!
  • Large corrosion proof zippers!
    Roberts Extreme Spa Covers use large teeth zippers designed to maintain their "zipping" ability for years.
  • Super strong reinforced tie-down straps !
    With so many covers in areas of high winds, Roberts Extreme Spa Covers use exceptionally strong nylon webbing for the tie-downs. These are the strongest tie-downs possible.
  • Gusseted, double stitched skirt!
    Expertly designed to protect the outer edge of your spa, the skirt of Roberts Extreme Spa Covers are also strong enough to lift the cover!
  • Heavy duty handles!
    Made of 1-1/2" wide nylon webbing these reinforced handles are the strongest posible.
  • Double laminated polyester scrim underside.
    12oz double laminated, tight mesh reinforced, chemical and ozone resistant scrim underside. Optional Reflex Energy Shield adds even more insulating ability!
  • Moisture drains!
    Specifically located to prevent water from accumulating inside the cover, and designed to not scratch the spa when the cover is removed.
  • Color matched thread!
    The thread used in Roberts Extreme Spa Covers is a 93#, UV resistant, bonded, Dacron Polyester thread. Covers are completely double stitched and this thread will not mildew or rot, nor will sunlight degrade it over time.
  • A multitude of colors too choose from!
  • Meets or exceeds ASTM F1346-91 standards!
    Roberts Extreme Spa Covers meet or exceed all aspects of ASTM F1346-91 for a Manual Spa Safely Cover.
  • Four year warranty!
    Roberts Extreme Spa Covers four year warranty is one of the most comprehensive warranties in the industry.